Welcome to our new blog and news page

It may have been a while since we posted but we have been rather busy growing our company and looking after our clients…we hope that you haven’t missed us too much!

We will be using our blogs in a slightly different way from now on, of course the page is open for everyone to visit and we hope that the articles we publish prove popular and useful.

As ever, we will be using our social media and business networks to direct people here, but in order to make the new feature as relevant as possible we will also sending links to clients and friends that we think will benefit from the information.

Don’t worry, we will certainly not be bombarding people with email after email. We will simply be sending alerts and links if we feel the subject at hand is particularly relevant to a specific interest. Here at Butt Miller we take pride in immersing ourselves in the business of our clients and if we see an issue that’s appropriate, we will let you know.

We would also love to hear from you with any suggestions for blogs or features and whether it’s a subject of burning interest or a simple question, we will respond personally to each request.  Please contact biggerpicture@buttmiller.co.uk  with any suggestions.

So, there we have it. We hope that you enjoy the new and improved Butt Miller blog and news page, we aim to keep the pieces short, light, informative and relevant and hope that you will let us know exactly how we’re doing.


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