Tax Efficient Remuneration Advice for Business Owners

We will advise you upon the most tax efficient way of ‘paying yourself’

For Directors

As the director of a Limited Company you enjoy flexibility over how and when you pay yourself, dependent upon your precise circumstances you may wish to take income as a dividend and/or a salary.

We will advise you upon the most tax efficient way of ‘paying yourself’, considering matters such National Insurance contributions and Corporation Tax as well as holiday pay and Personal Tax Allowances. It might be preferable to take a loan from the company or even add yourself to the company payroll and of course, pension contributions along with other benefits and pay outs need to be considered.

Without proper care and attention, Remuneration can become complicated and our service includes regular reviews of HMRC policy to ensure all current legislation is applied. As with all of our services, we offer advice based on a thorough assessment of your current and projected requirements and we are always pleased to chat with clients about these options.

For Employees

As a responsible employer, it is only natural that you would want to properly reward your staff, not only does this engender loyalty but it also drives improved performance.

There are a number of Tax efficient initiatives recognised by HMRC that we are able to advise upon, these range from pension contributions and the provision of recreational facilities to working from home allowances and staff awards.

As with all HMRC regulations, we ensure compliance with current legislation and keep an eye out for changes and improvements to all regulations.


Tax Efficient Remuneration Advice for Business Owners

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