Accountants for Medical Professionals

The provision of appropriate accountancy services for medical professionals requires specialised knowledge and an appreciation of the complex nature of the very specific challenges associated with various agencies….read more

The services we offer medical professionals do not differ dramatically from those we provide to other businesses with bookkeeping, tax advice, financial management, the optimisation of pension provision and payroll services universally available to all clients

However, the major difference is in our appreciation not only of the vocational nature of the calling but also the understanding of certain very specific challenges presented in dealing with:

  • NHS payments and reimbursements
  • Hospital PAYE, private patients and panel work
  • Medical Plans and insurance companies
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • Self-employed and Consultant status
  • Medical Practice Incorporation and management including funding and succession planning
  • Changes in legislation

Our services remove the burden of compliance from medical professionals and make their business as financially efficient as possible.


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