‘Maximum Returns’ isn’t a dirty phrase

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Wealth is not a quantifiable term, what some people may see as wealthy others might consider well-off and whilst we use expressions such as ‘high net worth’ what are we comparing because for every Scrooge McDuck there is a Mr Micawber.

Here at Butt Miller we take the matter of working with individuals extremely seriously and we really do mean it when we say that it is a privilege to serve our private clients.

Whatever your ‘worth’ it is our responsibility to help you to achieve the maximum returns, whether this is for you to enjoy in later life, leave for loved ones, use in trusts or accommodate later life care. As always, our job is to work with you, to investigate your very specific requirements, help you to plan and often assist with the ongoing management of your affairs.

Where required, we can help with UK and International tax issues, advise on non-domiciled status and prepare plans to make the most of Government help and anticipate Inheritance Tax.

Our complete and comprehensive range of personal tax services will provide tax calculations, the completion and submission of tax returns, National Insurance contributions and all dealings with HMRC. Our experts will also guide on trusts and executorship, in fact every aspect of your current and potential personal accounting requirement will be handled by one of our mature, experienced and of course discrete team.

You may or may not own property, a business or a holiday home, have substantial assets and savings, but whatever your age or idea of ‘wealth’ is, Butt Miller is here to help you, just as we help a great many other individuals.

The easiest way to get started is, as always with a chat and we are delighted to welcome visitors to our offices, meet clients at home or at any time or location that is mutually convenient, we love helping, so please just ask.


Our process is simplicity itself, and it all starts with your call.

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