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what happens to your business when you die?- Butt Miller Chartered Accountants
Running a Business

What happens to my business if I pass?

As accountants and business advisers we get to know our clients very well. From our position, it is all too clear to us that many …

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can you employ your spouse or civil partner?- Butt Miller Chartered Accountants
Running a Business

Can you employ your spouse or civil partner?

When considering the overall tax position of your family, it is worth considering employing your spouse or civil partner in your business, especially if your …

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how does car pooling work for business?- Butt Miller Chartered Accountants
Running a Business

How does car pooling work for business?

Some employers, or groups of employers, find it convenient to have one or more cars or vans that are readily available for business use by …

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what are a directors responsibilities?- Butt Miller Chartered Accountants
Limited Company

What are a directors responsibilities?

The position of director brings both rewards and responsibilities upon an individual. Whether you are appointed to the Board of the company you work for …

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how do pension tax reliefs work?- Butt Miller Chartered Accountants

Guide to pension tax relief

What types of pensions schemes are there? There are two broad types of pension schemes from which an individual may eventually be in receipt of …

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Running a Business

How to employ youth during holiday season

Holiday jobs have long been a way of giving those in education a financial boost as well as some experience of what to expect when …

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guide and checklist to estate planning- Butt Miller
Estate Planning

Guide to Estate Planning

It is never too early to plan your estate. If it is large, it could be exposed to inheritance tax at 40%, and if it …

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when should you incorporate your business- Butt Miller Chartered Accountants

Guide to incorporation

The issue of whether to run your business as a company or a sole trader or partnership is an important one. In this factsheet, we …

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Guide to legal requirements of payslip- Butt Miller Chartered Accountants

Guide to Payslips

What are the legal requirements of payslips? Most employees receive payslips and take them for granted, but what are the legal requirements? All workers, including …

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