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It is a rare privilege indeed to provide advice of such a personal nature.

What we can do for your business

A good accountant will respond to every question asked, a great accountant will ask the questions.

The value of a well-considered question can never be underestimated, after all why should we, as experts expect our clients to prompt us?

As with all Butt Miller services, we consider every aspect of your financial situation, how the different areas impact on each other and how best to make the most of any assets. We know that priorities change and that certain life events can positively affect your financial situation.

We are also practical enough to appreciate that sometimes these changes can have a less than positive effect and part of our job is to identify opportunities and pitfalls, to make the most of assets in order to smooth the path.

We are delighted to advise on all matters of Estate Planning, Retirement Strategies and Later Life Care ProvisionSelf AssessmentPersonal TaxTrusts, Wills & ExecutorshipBuy-to-Let Ownership and ‘Accidental Landlord’ issues, HMRC Enquiries and Compliance.

Estate Planning for Individuals

An increasingly complex area requiring specialised advice in order to prevent expensive miscalculations or misunderstandings.

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Later Life Care for Individuals

As we live longer so the need for the provision of adequate and comfortable later life care becomes more important.

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Tax Planning for Individuals

Why take a chance with something so important?

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Self-Assessment for Individuals

Save time, worry and money by taking control of self-assessment.

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Personal Tax for Individuals

Let us make sure you don’t pay more than your fair share.

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Valued Relationships

Customer Stories

couple who are enjoying their retirement wealth walking along the beach in the sunset

‘Maximum Returns’ isn’t a dirty phrase

Wealth is not a quantifiable term, what some people may see as wealthy others might consider well-off and whilst we use expressions such as ‘high net worth’ what are we comparing because for every Scrooge McDuck there is a Mr Micawber.

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