In Praise of Appraisals

Why it’s good to listen… and learn.

We hate to generalise but here goes anyway… accountants and finance professionals are quite often process driven, we love a system that works and appreciate the beauty of a well-balanced set of accounts, a precise calculation, and yes even an Excel spreadsheet.

Of course we do, it’s our job to be precise, to ‘measure twice and cut once’ is in our nature.

Appraisals, or performance reviews do not necessarily conform to this straight line philosophy, after all, while numbers don’t move, people do. Attitudes and priorities change, and as responsible forward-thinking employers, it is our duty to respond to these changes and support ideas and initiatives at every level of our business.

Encouraging personal and professional development is key to our policy, we want every team member to be the very best that they can be and our most recent round of appraisals has shown that we are certainly on the right track.

It is wonderful to hear how committed people are, not only to Butt Miller but to their careers, the introduction of new technology and ideas is driven by our employees, Continuing Professional Development is vital to our service and we are thrilled that so many of our team embrace the idea enthusiastically, working on their own initiative and seeking advice from colleagues.

Our apprenticeship programme bears witness to this approach and we are particularly thrilled that our two most recent apprentices are nearing the completion of their training… their future is bright, and so is ours.

Appraisals are far more than an opportunity to review and assess performance, done properly we believe that they offer an opportunity to move our business forward, not in isolation but as a group, sharing success and delivering the best possible service for our clients. We want to help our people get to where they want to be, wherever that might be.

Butt Miller is growing, our recruitment policy continues to champion the idea that new employees need to share our desires and ambitions, there is more to life than numbers and first and foremost, our employees are our business.

Butt Miller, good with numbers, great with people.


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