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About the business

From their design studios in Surrey the client creates engaging brand identities and effective websites for businesses of all sizes.

What they were looking for?

The company directors were recommended to attend one of our business seminars, and having attended the Seminar they didn’t realise quite how much your accountant could be doing for their company.

What are we doing for them?

We have taken them from sending a monthly brown envelope to their ‘accountant’ based in Herefordshire, the main purpose of which was to simply prepare and file the quarterly VAT returns, with no real use in helping them to run their business.

We have set up a cloud based accounts system along with work flows and procedures that ensure their accounting system is kept up to date on a real time basis. They now know exactly who owes them money at any point in time.

We prepare and send a quarterly management report to help them understand the financial performance of the business, areas that might require attention and of course, opportunities to make the most of.

We meet on a quarterly basis to review progress against their company plan which has been developed to help them achieve their business goals

We are now undertaking their weekly bookkeeping, preparing annual statutory accounts, company and personal tax returns, VAT compliance and returns, payroll and Tax planning

What results have we achieved?

By focusing on the numbers that matter, profits have increased by 222% and cash flow has never been better, in the words of the company MD, ‘we no longer have to worry about how we find the money to pay the VAT man!’

The company has support and someone that the principals can talk to and help them develop the business.


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