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About the business

One of the longest standing clients of Butt Miller, this company is an agency that specialises in creative communications for the Automotive and FMCG brands, working with some of the largest and highest profile brands in the world.

What they were looking for

They were looking for industry specific business advice, someone with first-hand experience of working in the marketing/creative sector, they wanted to grow and develop their business and needed help in doing that. This is a complex business with different income streams, each with different margins.

What are we doing for them?

We have been their outsourced finance department and we have now trained the in-house accountant to look after that internally. Our MD acts as their part time Finance Director, attending quarterly board meetings and other meetings as required.

We prepare very detailed quarterly management reports to help them really understand the financial performance of each line of business and the financial performance of each project, we also measure some key KPI’s and report on these.

We update each quarter a rolling 12 month profit and cash flow forecast to give us financial visibility of the each of the next 12 months so that we can make informed decisions such as investing in the business, recruiting, expanding etc.

What results have we achieved?

We have developed their financial rate card, a written brief of what they should charge the client for each resource provided, including account management, producer, creative talent etc.

We have undertaken financial due diligence when acquiring businesses and taken on tax planning, including assisting with the R&D tax credits.

We have also selected and implemented their project costing system which is totally integrated to their accounts system and helped them negotiate the exit of one of the business partners.

Sales have grown by over 300% in the time that Butt Miller has been working with the client and they are achieving some of the best margins in the industry. We give them financial visibility which provides peace of mind and allows for informed decision making.


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