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    Disclaimer: This article is based on legislation which was correct at time of publishing on February 16, 2021

    ‘Small enough to care, large enough to cope’ was once a common refrain, through overuse and changing fashions, it is not heard very often these days, which is rather a shame, because it really does sum up Butt Miller.

    Some people might be surprised to learn just how substantial our practice is, we are certainly large enough to cope with the demands of a modern, well informed and well briefed client base. We handle significant accounts across many different markets and disciplines, our clients benefitting from advice based upon specialist knowledge and pragmatic ‘real world’ experience.

    These highly prized skills often carry significant weight, and one recent example demonstrates why.

    A little over twelve months ago, we were instructed to provide part-time FD services and finance department support for a fast growing company in the South East with an overseas operation. The quality of our work soon lead to the client requesting a significant increase in our involvement and we now advise on the business owners personal tax, company pension contribution and remuneration planning.

    This is not uncommon, larger businesses will often ‘open the door’ to a new accountancy firm by offering smaller, but no less important tasks to assess the value of the service, thankfully our work very quickly proved to be of a consistently high standard.

    The client demonstrated even greater trust in our opinions when we were asked to attend a Tax Workshop, led by one of the largest accountancy companies in the UK. The event was as polished as you would imagine, and we were hugely gratified by the positive response from our client when we were able to point out one or two additional issues that needed to be considered.

    The mutual respect shared by our fellow finance professionals is extremely flattering, and while appearances may indeed be deceptive, we strongly believe that it sometimes takes the ‘small enough to care, large enough to cope’ approach to really add value to a business.

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