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Guide to legal requirements of payslip- Butt Miller Chartered Accountants

Guide to Payslips

What are the legal requirements of payslips? Most employees receive payslips and take them for granted, but what are the legal requirements? All workers, including those working part-time and temporarily, are entitled to receive a written payslip on or before their pay day. A worker is anyone who personally performs work or services to an …

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how to set up government gateway accounts for businesses- Butt Miller Accountants

How to set up Government Gateway Accounts for Businesses

HMRC relies heavily on the Government Gateway system to allow access by tax payers and agents to records. It is therefore important to know how to set these up. This article walks you through how to create a government gateway account in the quickest and most straightforward way possible. Creating and setting up your government …

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Reducing the Impact of the new National Insurance charge

The 1.25% National Insurance increase has been well publicised ahead of it taking effect from April.  Whilst it represents only a modest increase in deductions for most employees, their employer is also hit by the charge as the employer NI increases by the same amount, making the total increase 2.5% on employment income. Over half …

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Spring Budget 2022

The third Spring Budget presented by Rishi Sunak was obviously intended to bring some brightness in what has otherwise been a pretty gloomy start to this year. There were some significant giveaways including the much welcomed reduction in fuel duty as we see the prices at the pumps creeping ever higher on an almost daily …

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Succession Planning

Often thought of as a purely HR function, the processes involved in succession planning are key to the long-term success of any business, and as such they must be considered as part of your financial plans. The identification and development of potential should be at the forefront of any business owners mind, after all it’s …

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In Praise of Appraisals

Why it’s good to listen… and learn. We hate to generalise but here goes anyway… accountants and finance professionals are quite often process driven, we love a system that works and appreciate the beauty of a well-balanced set of accounts, a precise calculation, and yes even an Excel spreadsheet. Of course we do, it’s our …

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