Butt Miller in the Community

Here at Butt Miller we take our responsibilities seriously in every aspect of our business, of course we do, we are after all, professionals.

Typical of our attitude to corporate social responsibility is our support of Collectively Camberley, the Business Improvement District for the town that we have called home for more than twenty years.

Collectively Camberley is an organisation dedicated to supporting existing businesses and encouraging new business, attracting visitors to the town and helping to promote Camberley as a great place to work and live.

Their work is funded by a levy, collected from town centre businesses and whilst Butt Miller is just outside the levy area, we choose to contribute voluntarily because we see the value to the town in having such an enthusiastic and positive team working on behalf of the community.

Group of volunteers joining hands together outdoors on sunny day

Group of volunteers joining hands together outdoors on sunny day

We enthusiastically support local and national charities and organisations that we feel contribute to society, we do so not as part of an elaborate ‘CSR Programme’ but because we know that it is the right way to do business. Here are just a few of the organisations and associations that we are proud to support, if you have a cause that you think we could be helping, please let us know by contacting us via this form, of course our resources are not limitless but we will help where we can.

Some of the charities we support are listed below:

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