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There is nothing new under the sun… or so they say.  We of course beg to differ: after all, someone had to invent the wheel, otherwise airplanes could never have landed. 

Surrey, and the entire Enterprise M3 LEP area, live and breathe innovation. From Guildford’s world-class computer game industry to Farnborough’s aerospace hub, great minds have been taking chances on new ideas since the industrial revolution – the first one, that is; revolutions come along quite often these days, every time things need to change.

So, TV and movies embrace CGI, entertainment moves to VR and then AI takes over many processes just as we were getting used to digital communication.  Covid-19 has seen a giddily rapid move to home working, virtual meetings and electronic signatures on contracts, revolutionising business life at an astonishing rate. 

Necessity can indeed, be the mother of invention.

At Butt Miller we have long been champions of change.  Not for its own sake but in pursuit of the genuinely better.  Better products.  Better business.  Even a better world.  Our strong offer in the field of R&D tax credits is one area where accountancy nurtures innovation, so yes, we do think we make a difference, a very real difference.

We are delighted once again to be supporting the Guildford Innovation Awards, and in particular the award for Emerging Technologies.  We first became involved in this inspiring initiative in 2019; it culminated in a very lively award ceremony at G:Live!  This year the ceremony is of course moving to the virtual world, and we will be there on 17 December to celebrate the best of the best in innovation. 

‘Our’ award is subtitled ‘Tomorrow’s World’, and some of you will remember the TV programme of the same name that predicted and celebrated future developments. Some of them are now firmly embedded in our lives – more so than the programme makers can possibly have imagined – including the home computer, mobile phones and Chip & Pin.  At the time many would have dismissed such ideas as fanciful; now, all bets are off, as innovation has leapt ahead of imagination.  JFK said: The one unchangeable certainty is that nothing is certain or unchangeable. Sadly he was more correct than he realised, of course.

Whatever our relationship is with technology, or anything new, we cannot deny that we are affected by it, even if we sometimes deny the benefits that it has to offer. 

If we can help you with the financial side of embracing and creating change, we will be happy… And we all want that, whatever else changes.



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