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It is a rare privilege indeed to provide advice of such a personal nature

What we can do for your business

A good accountant will respond to every question asked. A great accountant will ask the questions.

The value of a well-considered question can never be underestimated. After all why should we, as experts expect our clients to prompt us?

As with all Butt Miller services, we consider every aspect of your financial situation, how the different areas impact on each other and how best to make the most of any assets. We know that priorities change and that certain life events can positively affect your financial situation.

We are also practical enough to appreciate that sometimes these changes can have a less than positive effect and part of our job is to identify opportunities and pitfalls, to make the most of assets in order to smooth the path.

We are also delighted to advise on all matters of Estate Planning, Retirement Strategies and Later Life Care Provision, Self-Assessment, Personal Tax, Trusts, Wills & Executorship, Buy-to-Let Ownership and ‘Accidental Landlord’ issues, HMRC Enquiries and Compliance.

Management Accounts

Prepared monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly as dictated by the requirements of your business.

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Business Pricing Strategies

Getting your pricing right can make the difference between operating a successful business and sadly, a failing business. It really is that important.

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Business Owner Outsourced Finance Director Support

There is absolutely no substitute for knowledge, know your numbers and the rest will follow.

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Business Owner Outsourced Finance Department

Why pay for services that you simply do not need?

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Financial Business Forecasting

If you don’t know where you are heading, how will you know when you’ve arrived?

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Business Payroll

Butt Miller saves companies time and money by removing the burdens associated with the operation of payroll, Construction industry Schemes (CIS) and workplace pension schemes.

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Business Bookkeeping Services

I thought bookkeeping sounded easy…until I tried it

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Established Business Accounting Support

You have worked hard to build a business. We work hard to help it flourish.

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Growing Business Accounting

We don’t like to think of any business as small. Every worthwhile endeavour has the potential for growth.

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Start-up Accounting

It pays to get the right advice as early as possible, time spent doing things properly at this stage will be repaid for years and years to come.

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Self-employed Accounting

The best of jobs, the worst of jobs.

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Growing Business AccountingBusiness Accounting Compliance

A key responsibility for any provider of professional financial services is compliance.

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Personal Tax for Business Owners

You have worked hard and paid your fair share, let us help to make sure that’s all you pay.

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Sole Trader Tax Returns

Butt Miller saves our clients’ time, worry and money by taking control of self-assessment.

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Business Remuneration Strategies

We will advise you upon the most tax efficient way of ‘paying yourself’

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Valued Relationships

Customer Stories

Pricing guide

A Quick Guide to Pricing Your Service or Product

There are some industries where pricing is very straightforward, a hotel for instance might operate on a cost + x % basis for selling bottles of wine in the bar whilst the chef will have a Gross Profit (GP) target to meet in the kitchen.

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