Being Self Employed – ‘It is the best of jobs, it is the worst of jobs’

With apologies of course to Charles Dickens for the ever so slight amendment to the opening line of A Tale of Two Cities but it does just about sum up the joys and frustrations of self-employment.

As a self-employed person you will have undoubtedly heard variations on this theme from a family member or friend…’oh, Jim can do that for us, he works for himself so his time is his own’ and if you can resist the temptation to scream, you might feel like explaining exactly why this statement is about a million miles away from being accurate?

We are pretty sure you would mention the long hours, the responsibility, the lack of employee benefits, the isolation and unpredictable finances, the bills, PAYE, doing the books, marketing your business and those times when you just can’t ‘switch-off’.

And that’s before you even start work!

Of course, we all appreciate the freedom and independence, the joy of steering your own boat, the variety and job satisfaction involved, but let’s put that to one side for now…there’s no need to tell everyone how much fun self-employment can be.

Delegation can be tricky, but there is one set of services that is not only straightforward to employ but that can save and even earn your business money…can you guess where we are going with this?

Butt Miller can help to ease the burden of your financial operation because we offer everything a self-employed person could possibly need, from bookkeeping and PAYE to filing Tax returns, we will help with your personal tax and offer advice where it’s needed.

And we offer all of this for a manageable fixed monthly fee, because when it comes to helping self-employed people we really do think of everything. For more information please visit our website, call us on 01276 25542 or email


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