Part-time Outsourced Finance Director Services

Finance Directors are key to ensuring the long-term financial success and growth of a company.
Part-time Outsourced Finance Director Services
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    Financial Directors are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company finances and supporting management teams in making crucial high-level business decisions.

    Welcome to Butt Miller, outsourced Part-time Finance Director services

    Outsourcing your Part-time Finance Director needs to an established accounting agency will ensure your company is not only compliant and making tax-efficient savings but will also provide an opportunity to receive tailored support in making crucial financial management decisions.

    Butt Miller has many years of experience supporting businesses of all sizes with their financial strategies. We offer various services for outsourcing your finance team – so why not contact us today to discuss what we can do for you?

    What is a Part-time Finance Director?

    A Part-time Finance Director (FD) plays a significant role in your senior management team – ensuring the success of your company’s finance strategy and business growth.

    They will ensure your business has implemented a strong financial accounting system that accurately records all underlying financial transactions to provide your team with the basis for informed decision-making.

    The Part-time Finance Director will also help manage your business’s financial risk, working closely with the Managing Director or Business Owner to help them grow a successful business. Their continuous support ensures your business is well funded to capitalise on all existing opportunities while assessing any financial risks and challenges it may face.

    They will continue to work alongside you for the agreed-upon time to provide assistance and expert advice on various aspects of the business’s finances, such as cash flow management and profit forecasting.

    With the help of a specialist Part-time Finance Director, you can be confident that your company’s financial health is a top priority, ensuring your financial plans are on track for long-term success.

    How do they work?

    Perhaps your business is growing rapidly, and you require specialist financial support, or you are currently in between hiring a Financial Director and only require part-time support.

    Whatever your reason, you can save costs and create more flexibility within your senior management team by outsourcing a Part-time Finance Director.

    Finance Directors use their specialist knowledge and strategic planning skills to develop detailed strategies for boosting profits and growing your business. They create in-depth financial plans, oversee financial risks and cash flow, and handle high-level accounting while supporting your team in making informed decisions.

    They will also bring a wide variety of experience and insight, allowing cross-industry benefits and improvements to be raised and considered.

    As an external Part-time Finance Director, we bring an impartial perspective, challenging the norm and the rationale for strategy and decision-making – serving as an external sounding board for your team.

    Our Part-time FD service

    At Butt Miller, we take a refreshing and dynamic approach to managing your financial affairs.

    Our leading corporate accounting services can provide you with an experienced Part-time Finance Director who can help you overcome the typical growing pains and pitfalls a company goes through and maximise your financial goals and profitability.

    Our Finance Directors will work with your team part-time to a mutually agreed upon schedule. Working alongside you, they will ensure your company finances are up-to-date and deal with any financial matters as they arise.

    This flexible resourcing model avoids the expense of hiring a Full-Time Finance Director when a full-time service is not needed, and the resource can flex according to your needs at any point in time.

    It’s a cost-effective solution that allows you to find the most experienced Finance Director for your budget. A high-quality service ensures that the benefits to the business far outweigh the cost.

    Why choose Butt Miller as your Part-time Finance Director?

    Butt Miller has over 25 years of providing Part-time Finance Director services to many different businesses, seeing their sales grow by as much as 800%, resulting in significant profits.

    Our team of Chartered Accountants support established businesses with various aspects of their accounting and taxation requirements. Our service is rigorous, and we pay attention to detail, focusing on individual client circumstances.

    Your company’s financial health and growth strategy is our top priority, ensuring consistent delivery of a first-class service that adds value to your company while ensuring you are fully compliant.

    Our extensive list of reliable and experienced industry contacts can help take your business to the next stage. With the support of venture capitalists, investors, and our strong banking relationships, we can assist you in gaining access to finance for your business’s continued growth.

    If you think your business could benefit from our Part-time Finance Director service, then speak to us today and find out how we can help accelerate your business.

    Part-Time FD FAQs

    What is the difference between an outsourced finance department and a Part-time Finance Director?

    An outsourced finance department is an entire team dedicated to managing a company’s day-to-day financial affairs. Their department manages bookkeeping, processing supplier invoices and making supplier payments, credit control (including chasing your clients for payments they owe you), payroll and preparing and filing quarterly VAT returns.

    A part-time outsourced Finance Director is the most senior member of the finance department and is responsible for overseeing the implementation and adherence to the finance systems. They play a crucial role in driving forward the company’s strategic objectives along with the rest of the senior management team.

    Do I need both a Part-time Finance Director and a Financial Controller?

    The Financial Controller usually works for the Finance Director as their number two and will take responsibility for managing the accounting team who undertakes the day-to-day financial processing.

    Smaller businesses may not require both a Part-time Finance Director and a Financial Controller. While they are both senior roles and imperative to a business’s success, a Financial Director will be proficient in developing and maintaining your short-term financial strategy.

    As your business grows, you may wish to develop a fully qualified finance team, including a Financial Controller, to take on new challenges.

    How can a Part-time Finance Director help my business grow?

    Outsourcing an experienced Finance Director part-time can assist business growth by providing an outside perspective on your finances and developing tailored strategies to ensure your business makes a sustainable profit.

    Our Part-time Finance Director services provide you with a complete overview of your current finance systems and business performance.

    We conduct a thorough review and develop a detailed financial report to highlight areas for improvement. Our annual profit and cash flow forecasts offer a comprehensive understanding of your company finances, allowing you to manage risks effectively, resolve cash flow issues and increase profits.

    Butt Miller will work closely with you to get to know your business and understand your organisation’s financial goals, enabling us to tailor financial strategies to your specific needs. Our attention to detail and vigorous approach are key reasons why the clients we started providing this service to 25 years ago are still clients of ours today.

    Smaller businesses may not require both a Part-time Finance Director and a Financial Controller. While they are both senior roles and imperative to a business’s success, a Financial Director will be proficient in developing and maintaining your short-term financial strategy.

    As your business grows, you may wish to develop a fully qualified finance team, including a Financial Controller, to take on new challenges.

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