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Outsourced Finance Director for Corporates

There is absolutely no substitute for knowledge, know your numbers and the rest will follow.

Our Outsourced Finance-Director services act as a numerate and objective outsider to advise and assist with your business, evaluating the proposed financial decisions and assessing how they will impact your business.

A Finance Director will ensure the proactive management of your business, keeping on top of cash flow allows companies to be more strategic in their outlook and react positively to the challenges associated with change…read more

Perhaps your business has grown and while it is important to keep doing the things that have brought your success, it might be time to consider how best to proceed?

Maybe you need an external ‘sounding-board’ for financial decisions?

Or, your business could be in a transition between requiring a Finance Director and not being quite ready to employ somebody full-time?

Whatever your requirement our Outsourced FD service could be the answer.

We help develop and deliver strategies designed to be robust enough to cope with changes in your business and our meticulous financial reports help to inform business owners of the facts required for strategic decision making.

Cash-flow, profit projections, tax, accounting and legal issues, the assessment of risk, internal control systems, debt recovery and long term strategic planning can all be advised upon. In short, every aspect of the financial well-being of your company.

The relationship between a business owner and a Finance Director is built on trust and a mutual understanding of the commercial imperative.

Butt Miller is a well-established, reliable company of substance and if you think that our outsourced FD service could help add value to your business then please call or email, we would love to help.

We have produced a handy guide to our Outsourced Finance Director service to allow you to check which option best suits your needs – download here.


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As businesses grow, it may become apparent that specialised advice is required at board level, an outsourced FD will offer all the guidance and practical help at a fraction of the cost of a full-time director.

That is great news, an outsourced FD will work closely with fellow finance professionals to deliver the best possible outcomes, advising on matters that might be out of reach for a busy finance department, working hard on day to day issues.


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