Outsourced Finance Department

Butt Miller provides a full suite of outsourced finance functions that can be easily adapted to suit any size of company
Outsourced Finance Department
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    Through our outsourcing finance department services, we allow our clients to choose precisely which services they require as their business levels dictate. After all, why pay for services that you simply do not need?

    Welcome to Butt Miller, your outsourced finance department

    At Butt Miller, we act as your entire finance department, fulfilling every requirement you would expect from a full-time operation and providing all the varying skill levels needed to ensure you get the solution you need at any point in your business journey.

    We are also delighted to provide expert guidance and specialist support for existing in-house teams and finance managers.

    Our job, as finance specialists, is to do as much or as little as you require.

    What is outsourced finance?

    An outsourced finance department is where we take responsibility for running your finance department and producing various monthly financial reports when required.

    We will be integrated within your organisation as if we are sitting in your offices. We will have our own company-generated email address and finance department telephone number and represent your company to your clients and suppliers.

    How does outsourced finance work?

    Although we’ll work remotely from UK-based offices, our outsourced finance solutions will seamlessly bridge the distance. Our services cater to companies based in the UK and those located abroad.

    You will have a dedicated Account Manager and a team assigned to your account. We standardise our approach as far as possible, with key elements tailored to your needs.

    All processes are fully documented to allow our team to consistently provide holiday and sickness cover, and we can quickly expand to accommodate your business as it grows.

    At Butt Miller, we use a cloud-based finance solution so that you can access your accounts on the go from your phone, tablet or computer. All data is stored securely within your accounts system.

    Talk to Butt Miller today

    Helping you see the bigger financial picture

    Whether your requirement is for help with personal accounts or for a full suite of corporate accounting services, every relationship should start with a chat.

    What outsourced finance functions does Butt Miller offer?

    Outsourcing your finance function has never been easier. Let us remove the administrative burden, freeing you to focus on what you do best – running your own business!

    At Butt Miller, we offer many finance functions, from payroll services to sales invoices and monthly accounts.


    There is a lot more to bookkeeping than meets the eye. Whether it is complex VAT returns or financial analysis, we offer cloud-based accountancy systems to make management accounting seem more straightforward.


    At Butt Miller, we can provide growing businesses with all the monthly payroll services they need.

    These include:

    • Auto-enrolment pension processing
    • Management of staff details
    • Construction Industry Scheme certificates, returns and reporting
    • Holiday Pay
    • SMP & SSP payment processing

    Management Accounts

    Suppose you are looking for insight into how your business performs. At Butt Miller, we can interrogate your management accounts to inform you and your stakeholders about the company’s financial health and even attend board meetings for extra support and to provide market insights.

    On top of this, our services also include:

    • Annual accounts
    • Credit control
    • Cash flow forecasting
    • Profit forecastingManagement reporting
    • Consultancy services such as advice on pricing your services to maximise your profit

    Outsourced credit control services

    At Butt Miller, our outsourced finance services extend comprehensive credit control solutions to clients, helping them free up their time and resources to focus on other areas of their business.

    Our outsourced credit control service will improve cash flow, reduce financial pressures and help you develop good customer relationships.

    We’re focused on making sure you get paid on time by customers, here’s how:

    • We’ll take over the mundane task of sending invoices and recording them in your company’s accounts
    • We’ll take care of systematically chasing payments that are due using our ‘chaser’ system and will follow up overdue payments with phone calls if required
    • We’ll work closely with customers struggling to pay invoices on time and work out a plan that keeps everyone happy
    • We’ll provide detailed reports on the progress of invoices and payments

    Why outsource your finance department to Butt Miller?

    Butt Miller has many years of experience successfully providing a fully outsourced finance function for companies based in the UK and abroad.

    Our outsourced finance solutions are fully scaleable and use the latest technology to provide our clients with a seamless yet efficient service. Working in partnership with our clients, we have seen many small businesses grow from start-ups to multi-million-pound organisations.

    If you want to know more about our outsourced finance department services, contact us today!

    Outsourced Finance Department FAQs

    What are the benefits of financial services outsourcing?

    The key benefit of outsourcing your finance department is getting a professional firm of accountants to take responsibility for your day-to-day accounting.

    At Butt Miller, we provide the right mix of personnel and resources to get the necessary services you require.

    In order to ensure that you are in complete control of your finances, our finance team can keep a close eye on your numbers, leaving you free to focus on growing and developing your business.

    When should I outsource accounting?

    You can outsource your accounting at any point during the business cycle.

    We help businesses of all shapes and sizes, including those who:

    • have just set up for the very first time;
    • are struggling to recruit and retain members of their internal finance function;
    • are unhappy with the quality and timeliness of the financial information being produced;
    • are growing at a fast rate and need additional help and support within the finance department;
    • find that managing their finance department is too time-consuming, preventing them from growing and developing their business;
    • looking for more in-depth information about the company’s financial status, what is going well and what areas need improvement.
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    Who we help at Butt Miller

    We provide many different businesses with outsourcing solutions to help make bookkeeping and financial reporting simple. Our outsourced finance function is backed by sector specific experts who sit behind the scenes, crunching the numbers and providing valuable advice and insight.

    We are able to offer support across a number of different industries ranging from:

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