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Audit is far from a chore. It is a privileged view of your business.
Finance Audit Services for Corporate Businesses
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    We believe that the key to a valuable compliance service is the strength of the relationship between you and our service team.  This enables our work to be thoroughly and accurately planned and tailored to your specific needs.

    By involving the most experienced members of our team right from the start, we will also focus on the specific strategic needs of your business; we do not believe that ‘one size fits all’. Moreover, we will be available throughout the year to discuss your strategic development and any other matters that you choose to raise. We react quickly to changes in legislation and work closely with in-house finance teams to ensure that your systems are as robust as possible.

    Our audit strategy will be to adopt a risk-based approach, which will include a detailed risk assessment and an appraisal of the systems and controls put in place to mitigate those risks.  To achieve this, we seek to:

    Develop a sound understanding of your business and its risks and the way they are mitigated and controlled; and
    Build a strong relationship between your management team and our service team.A key element of our approach is to agree your expectations at an early stage. This will ensure the key risks are identified and dealt with from the start.  At the planning stage, we discuss and agree specific matters, including reporting deadlines, which will save you both time and expense.

    We will produce a planning memorandum, setting out the audit approach, the responsibilities of all parties involved and the feedback process. This ensures that we have the information we need to provide an efficient and seamless audit service and that you have plenty of notice to gather the relevant information, so that the interference with your daily workload is kept to a minimum.

    The benefits of choosing us to audit your accounts include the following:

    • Chance to identify weaknesses in internal control
    • Lends credibility to financial statements
    • Unbiased, expert recommendations
    • Discovers errors
    • Assurance for shareholders and directors

    Managing a change of auditors

    We have carefully developed our approach to starting new assignments and understand that a change of auditors can cause disruption to the management team and accounting staff. We take specific actions to manage this critical stage including:

    • Holding an initial meeting with you to discuss the transition process and agree timescales;
    • Communicating with existing advisers at an early stage to obtain all relevant documentation and details of outstanding matters;
    • Ensuring all relevant paperwork and processes relating to the appointment are completed within weeks of the appointment being confirmed; and
    • Maintaining regular communication with you to ensure a smooth transition.

    Check if our frequently asked questions can shed more light

    Do I need an audit?

    Some businesses are audit exempt and we can advise on your eligibility, certain sectors such as charities and some regulated businesses have different guidelines and again, our experts can guide you.

    Should I get an audit even if my business is exempt?

    Regulatory compliance is just one reason why a company might require an audit, many business owners choose to do so in order to get a comprehensive, impartial view of their company or if they are planning to sell the business.

    Why should I change auditor?

    The decision to change any professional service provider should not be taken lightly, there must be compelling reasons to do so and these might include a change of circumstance, an increase in business, a requirement for a more complete suite of services or perhaps even a clash of personalities or a personnel change at your existing provider.

    How do I change auditor?

    Our process is straightforward and comprehensive. Effective communication and attention to detail are at the heart of every part of our operation and we bring the same forensic approach to taking on clients that wish to transfer some, or all of their accounts to us. We begin with a meeting to discuss precise requirements, agree timescales and acquaint ourselves with every aspect of the business, from there we communicate professionally and diligently with all parties to complete a stress-free transfer.


    We write to thank you for your holistic approach to the accounts which we have not seen from our previous accountants throughout the years.
    …of huge benefit is your willingness to have listened and learnt about the concepts of how this company operates.
    I genuinely recommend Roland and Butt Miller to any business who wants full service accounting with an emphasis on business growth, analysis and communication.

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