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Financial accuracy and regulatory compliance are key to building stakeholder trust and sustaining long-term value in any business. Our audit assurance services provide more than just compliance. We offer clear insights, manage risk, and strengthen corporate governance.
Finance Audit Services for Corporate Businesses
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    Welcome to Butt Miller, auditing and assurance specialists

    At Butt Miller, we consider auditing a company’s financial statements a privilege and should be treated with the utmost respect. We believe the key to valuable audit and assurance services is the strength of the relationship between you and our service team.

    There is no ‘one size fits all’, and at Butt Miller, we carefully choose the most suitably skilled members of staff to manage and undertake the audit, utilising their specific skills to provide you with a tailored, informative, all-encompassing service. This enables our work to be thoroughly and accurately planned and tailored to your specific needs.

    Each member of our assurance audit team represents our ethos of professionalism, quality, and openness, which is the basis underpinning all of our work. Our audit partners and managers will take time to get to know each member of staff to ensure that they are competent, sufficiently trained, and proficient to carry out the audit to the high standards demanded by Butt Miller.

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    What is auditing and assurance?

    Our audit and assurance services team carefully reviews and verifies the figures used to create your financial statements. We deliver quality accounts built on the underlying transactions and ensure that your financial statements comply with the current financial reporting standards in the UK.

    The team examines the accounts using professional scepticism, specialist knowledge, industry insight, and experience to produce an auditor report to accompany them. This will give the reader confidence that the accounts show an accurate and fair view of the company’s results and position at year-end.

    Do I need an audit?

    Most large businesses are legally required to have an audit, but some are audit-exempt. We can advise on your eligibility for an audit, as specific sectors have different guidelines. Our experts will consider your turnover and company size to help you determine whether you need a mandatory audit.

    Benefits of choosing Butt Miller for your account audits:

    • Identify weaknesses in internal controls
    • Lends credibility to financial statements
    • Unbiased and expert recommendations
    • Discover errors
    • Assurance for shareholders and directors

    Should I get an audit even if my business is exempt?

    Even if your business is exempt from mandatory audits, enlisting the support of an experienced audit and assurance team will help you gain a clear overview of your finances. This can be especially useful if your business is growing rapidly or you plan to make significant changes in the near future.

    Our audit and assurance services

    At Butt Miller, we provide innovative and proactive audit and assurance services designed to give clear insights and maintain compliance within your company. Our audit tests can be carried out remotely or on-site, depending on your specific needs.


    Planning is a crucial aspect of our audit and assurance services, as it sets the foundation for a thorough and accurate audit process.

    During the planning stage, we’ll get to know you, your business, and any associated directors, identifying key areas of risk that could impact your financial statements. We’ll gather as much information as necessary through our detailed pre-audit questionnaire to help us prepare an effective plan and timeline for events.

    With an effective plan in place, we can offer accurate recommendations for improvements.

     Internal audits

    Our internal audit examines the systems and controls in operation to ensure that they are working as they should, are being implemented fully, and are suitably robust for purpose. Our experience and expertise enable us to tailor tests and checks to suit particular requirements.

    External audits

    Company directors or stakeholders may require an external audit of a specific element of their system to ensure it is robust and operating correctly.

    We’ll audit various areas of your operations, including the payroll system, a new sales system, an unusual or especially tricky calculation, or a one-off transaction that will affect a number of external entities. We have experience tailoring our programs to suit individual circumstances and creating bespoke assurance reports.

    Financial audits

    Financial audits are statutory requirements which follow the auditing standards and can only be carried out by a registered auditor, such as Butt Miller.

    Our financial audit services provide a comprehensive examination of your financial statements, ensuring their accuracy and compliance. We verify financial records, test all internal operations, and assess any potential risks to help reassure stakeholders and assist the directors with decision-making regarding the company’s future.

    Critical matters

    Our senior team members review areas on an ongoing basis to ensure that any audit issues are immediately raised with your management team to enable them to be resolved promptly. This will ensure that there are no surprises at the final meeting.

    Completion and reporting to management

    At the end of the audit, we will meet with you to discuss your accounts, our audit findings, and our suggestions for future improvements.

    Any concerns raised will have been addressed with your finance team to ensure adequate time for necessary changes to be made. Any serious or significant issues will be communicated to you upon discovery.

    Managing a change of auditors

    We have carefully developed our approach to starting new assignments and understand that changing auditors can disrupt the organisation and accounting staff.

    We take specific actions to manage this critical stage, including:

    • Holding an initial meeting with you to discuss the transition process and agree on timescales;
    • Communicating with existing advisers to obtain all relevant documentation and details of outstanding matters;
    • Ensuring all relevant paperwork and processes relating to the appointment are completed within weeks of the appointment being confirmed;
    • Maintaining regular communication with you to ensure a smooth transition.

    Why should I change auditor?

    The decision to change any professional service provider should not be taken lightly, and there must be compelling reasons to do so.

    If you’re experiencing a change of circumstance, an increase in business, a requirement for a complete suite of services or perhaps even a clash of personalities, then you may wish to change auditor to better align with your business.

    How do I change auditor?

    Our process is straightforward and comprehensive. Effective communication and attention to detail are at the heart of every part of our operation, and we take the same rigorous approach to taking on clients who wish to transfer some or all of their accounts to us.

    We’ll begin with a meeting to discuss your precise requirements, agree on timescales, and acquaint ourselves with every aspect of your business. From there, we communicate professionally and diligently with all parties to complete a stress-free transfer.

    We will also want to understand the reason for the change so that we can incorporate this into our offering to ensure that you receive a bespoke service.

    Why choose Butt Miller as your auditor?

    At Butt Miller, we appreciate the challenges you face in maintaining financial accuracy and regulatory compliance. Our audit and assurance services are designed to remove any worries you may have. By enlisting our specialist team to handle financial audits, you’ll be in a much better position to make informed business decisions that fuel growth.

    We pride ourselves on delivering a personalised service by fostering strong and positive connections with all our clients. Our 98% client retention rate and 5-star Google ratings truly showcase our commitment to excellence.

    Contact us today and let our team help you see the bigger financial picture!

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