Helping you see your bigger financial picture

Butt Miller are a team of chartered accountants in Surrey. We provide clients in the Surrey area and nationwide with a comprehensive service and an attitude to accountancy that sets us apart from the rest.

Our aim is to take on your accountancy needs while helping you see your bigger financial picture. This means we want to do more than just help out with paperwork. Adding value is our company’s core motivation. So instead of just helping you with the small things we want to put everything in perspective. With the little details sorted out the picture of your financial future will become clearer.

A service bundle built around your own accounting requirements will be the frame surrounding your bigger financial picture. We have bundles for individuals looking for advice on things like inheritance tax all the way to large businesses looking to fully outsource their finances.

Our bundles for businesses range from Snapshot, a basic package to help relieve the stress of running a small business on a tight budget, to Feature Film, a comprehensive accounting package for established and ambitious businesses looking to grow into the future. You can also build your own bundle by choosing the services best suited to your needs. With our set price rates there’ll be no surprise bills and you’ll have constant access to the expertise of our wonderful team.

All this is built around our idea of goals, actions, measurements and evaluation. These are the concepts that have given us results since our company began. In our basic packages we might measure what needs to be done and make suggestions on what the bigger picture might look like in the future. In the advanced packages we’ll be evaluating everything and doing our best to make your bigger picture a reality.

At Butt Miller we think that accounting is more than just completing a list of tasks. So if you’re looking for accountants in Surrey who understand that the bigger financial picture is what’s really important, then please fill in our enquiry form, or contact us today.